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Prince Georges Area Guide

Prince George’s County (also known as Prince George’s County, or P.G.) offers its residents the best of many worlds. Just a short drive from Washington, D.C., Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor, and Maryland’s historic capitol, Annapolis, Prince George’s County is close to a lot of the action, all of the time. The truth is, though, you don’t have to venture out of Prince George’s to find exciting events or peaceful, quiet settings. Exciting destinations surround you in Prince George’s County, making it a fun hometown where there is never a lack of things to keep you and your family entertained and engaged. This family-friendly county boasts numerous communities, all with their own distinct qualities and histories. We think you’ll find life here full of adventure, with something for every member of your family. Welcome to Prince George’s County – “so much to see, so much to discover!”


It has been determined that dinosaurs once roamed the area currently known as Prince George’s County, leaving a plethora of fossils that have since been unearthed, or lie waiting for discovery. These fossils are preserved at Dinosaur Park in Laurel, Maryland.

Prince George’s County was formed in 1696 from parts of Charles and Calvert Counties. It was named for Prince George of Denmark, husband to Queen Anne of Great Britain. In 1748, a part of Prince George’s County was detached to form Frederick County, which in turn was divided to form Allegheny, Garrett, Montgomery, and Washington Counties. During the war of 1812, the British marched through Prince George’s County on their way to burn the White House. When passing back through Prince George’s County, they kidnapped a well-known doctor, William Beanes. The lawyer hired to negotiate for the release of Beanes was none other than Francis Scott Key. While aboard the British ship housing Beanes, amidst fighting and chaos, Key saw the American Flag flying over Fort McHenry in Baltimore. This inspired him to write the poem that would be set to music and become our national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner.

On a note of infamy, in April of 1865, after shooting President Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth made his escape through Prince George’s County, on his way to Virginia.

In more recent history, in 1997 residents of the city of Tacoma Park, which belonged partly to Prince George’s County and partly to Montgomery County voted to fall solely under the jurisdiction of Montgomery County, and the county borders were adjusted accordingly. This is the first time any boundaries of a Maryland county were changed since the early 1900s.

To further research the historical significance of Prince George’s County, please visit this website, which offers a comprehensive listing of Prince George’s County entries into the National Registry of Historic Places: Prince George's County History

For a thorough geographical listing of historic sites in Prince George’s County, visit

For a list of archeological and Native American sites, visit

Attractions and Activities

Prince George’s County is rich in activities that invite you to come out and take part, to really become immersed in the history all around you and to celebrate cultural diversity. Whether delving into the arts, or taking the kids to a nearby amusement park, you will not be able to help finding something new to do every week! We’ve listed a handful of attractions below to give you a starting point. The fun to be had in Prince George’s County includes, but certainly is not limited to the following!

The Arts

Boys and Girls Club

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Community Centers

Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center

National Harbor

Senior Clubs

The Show Place Arena and Prince George’s Equestrian Center

Six Flags of America

Special Programs for Individuals with Disabilities

Volunteer Opportunities

Prince George's Veterinarian Clinics

Parks and Recreation

Although Prince George’s County is developing into many suburban areas, there is still a multitude of parks and natural areas for residents to enjoy. The bodies of water on its periphery add to the charm and rejuvenation properties this county offers. Whether your idea of healthy outdoor fun includes canoeing, hiking, fishing, kayaking, running with the kids on the playground, or simply relaxing at a picnic or an outdoor concert, get outside and enjoy!

Department of Parks and Recreation Classes and Programs

Find a Park

Biking, Hiking, Skating, and Walking Trails


Sports Facilities


Prince George’s County is proud of its involved communities and family-oriented activities. To find out what’s happening soon in your area, be it an ice show, art exhibit, concert, circus, or one of a seemingly unending list of other exciting events, visit these links often: Prince George's Events

Department of Parks and Recreation Calendar of Events

Summer Day Camps

Summer Playgrounds and Summer XTreme Teen Centers

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